The Pitons World Heritage Coast Cruise

Come for a ride on The Pitons World Heritage Coast Cruise
... to the wild side of The Pitons!
along the unspoiled coastline of The Pitons World Heritage Site
from Soufriere (or your hotel/resort) in Tribute To The Lion water taxi 
Enjoy the panorama of The Pitons majestically rising from the sea.
Rocky coasts full of seabirds, trees, cacti and flowers along the way.
If we're blessed... sea turtles, flying fish, dolphins maybe a whale will escort us.
Anse L'Ivrogne/Sevoigne located between the Gros Piton
and the Carib community of La Pointe (Choiseul)

The Pitons World Heritage Coast Cruise
is a half-day tour (+/- 4 hrs) along The Pitons World Heritage Coast including...
up to four Swim & Snorkel stops along the way at any
Marine Reserves* & Hidden Coves** along St. Lucia's Southwest Coast
from Soufriere to Anse Cochon in the North or to Laborie Reef in the South
USD 135/per person from Viceroy Tides Sugar Beach/Jalousie Plantation Resort
USD145/per person from Soufriere Public Jetty
USD 155/per person from Anse Chastenet/Jade Mountain
USD 165/per person from Canaries/Ti Kaye Resort (Anse Cochon)
USD 175/per person from Anse La Raye/Marigot Bay

(infants up to 6 yo free, children 7-12 yo 1/2 price)

Private round-trip water taxi transport in Tribute To The Lion for up to 6 of your family/friends
and light local refreshments
(fresh Local Juices, cold Pitons, fresh-picked Tropical Fruits, local Cashew Nuts)

Snorkel equipment rental USD 30/per person

DURATION: +/- 4 hrs

Anse Chastenet/Jade Mountain, Viceroy Tides Sugar Beach/Jalousie Plantation Resort
Anse Mamin, Grande Caille headlands, Bat Cave, Malgretoute Beach, Fisherman's Altar,
Anse L'Ivrogne (Sevoigne), La Pointe Beach, Sabwisha, Riviere D'Oree, Balenbouche, Black Bay, Rudy John Beach (Laborie)
The Pitons World Heritage Coast Cruise
is included in the full-day total immersion C a s t  A w a y  Tour
An exhilarating round-trip cruise from Soufriere (or your hotel/resort) in the early morning
along the unspoiled coastline of The Pitons World Heritage Site
heading to Anse L'Ivrogne/Sevoigne and then returning at Sunset
a USD 100+/per person value

Heading out from Soufriere Harbor past Malgretoute Beach, around the Petit Piton headlands,
into Anse des Pitons (Viceroy Sugar Beach/Jalousie), around the Gros Piton headlands
and arriving at  St. Lucia's most beautiful undeveloped beach within The Pitons World Heritage Site...
Anse L'Ivrogne, pronounced Sevoigne in Kweyol
 and called Drunkard's Bay by the British

Imagine this deep-harbor, once crowded with tall ships loading barrels of rum in the 18th century
is now a UN World Heritage Site Marine Reserve
and the Amerindian Camps, Carib Settlements, Brigand Bases, Colonial Sugar Estate & Distillery are
Heritage Tourism site.
Anse L'Ivrogne/Sevoigne where InI grew up, still live & care for...