12 July 2010

C a s t A w a y T o u r

We offer a full-day total immersion C a s t A w a y  Tourunique in the Caribbean, on St. Lucia's most beautiful unspoiled beach at Anse L'Ivrogne (pronounced Sévoigne in Kwéyòl), located within The Pitons World Heritage Site on the SW slope of the Gros Piton.

At Sévoigne every day is different depending on Jah plan.

The only constants are your round-trip transport, delicious food & beverages and enjoying yourselves.

Our full-day total immersion C a s t A w a y  Tour is by reservation only to insure that our guests have a high-quality experience in a remote wilderness area of St. Lucia.

Nah rushin'on da beach!

We operate on your schedule... feel free to do as much (or as little) as you want.

You decide how you spend your day
(no large groups, no wasted time repeatedly herding in/out of vans,
lost hours spent in transit or tour cut short/eliminated because of time constraints).

In Sevoigne you feast peacefully in the shade of a traditional grass roof shelter (not a box lunch in the sun).

The day before your visit we call in our crew, make preparations, harvest fruits & vegetables and pack-in supplies on an as-needed basis.

Please keep in mind, all funds support St. Lucia's only sustainable development project directly benefitting the Carib community of La Pointe (Choiseul).

For more information, please check out...

 TripAdvisor traveler reviews for Zion Lion Farm (Soufrière->Things To Do), and my/Congomon's TA posts

Plan on spending the entire day in this remote tropical sanctuary
- you still won't have enough time to do everything ...

Snorkel/swim over the wild UN Heritage Site Marine Reserve reefs, help local fishermen pull in their nets, visit local artisans at Lio's Pottery Studio or the Khuss-Khuss grass-crafter (+USD 10/per person),  mix up medicinal plant shampoos & herbal body scrubs on the Bush Doctor's Walkabout to the Rainforest Mineral Springs, tour the tropical organic Zion Lion Farm and harvest a wide variety of organic fruits & vegetables for your lunch, tour the 18th century Ruins (sugar/rum/irrigation)learn how-to make gourmet charcoals, see how cassava is processed into gluten-free “farine”, relax in a hammock or on a hand-woven grass lounger under our grass-roof shelter, participate in a Carib Cuisine demonstration in our open-air "kitchen" and then enjoy St. Lucia's only organic Farm-To-Table Carib Beach BBQ Feast & sooo much more... 
Reserve your day.
The day you reserve is for you & yours, alone.
There are no other tourists sharing your space or memories.

USD 190/per person from Jalousie Resort/Tides Sugar Beach
USD 200/per person from Soufriere
USD 210/per person from Anse Chastenet/Jade Mountain
USD 230/per person from Canaries/Ti Kaye (Anse Cochon)
USD 250/per person from Anse La Raye/Marigot Bay

(infants up to 6 yo free, children 7-12 yo 1/2 price)

INCLUDES The Pitons World Heritage Coast Tour in our water taxi Tribute To The Lion (round-trip),
Carib Beach BBQ Feast and Activities...

9:00 DEPART by water taxi Tribute To The Lion on the The Pitons World Heritage Coast Tour
headed to Anse L’Ivrogne/Sévoigne.
9:15-30 ARRIVAL in Anse L’Ivrogne/Sévoigne
A light refreshment awaits (Jelly Coconut water or fresh fruit)
on the beach at Paul's Coal Pot
9:45 - 11:30 Zion Lion Farm Tour & Carib Cuisine demonstration

in our open-air "kitchen" on the beach
12:00 - 1:00 Carib Beach BBQ Feast on the beach at Paul's Coal Pot.
Fresh. Local. Yummy.
See a sample menu under Paul's Coal Pot & Carib Beach BBQ Feast.
1:00 – 3:00 ACTIVITIES
4:00 DEPART Anse L’Ivrogne/Sévoigne on Tribute to the Lion water taxi on a Sunset Cruise.
Enjoy panoramic views of the majestic Pitons and the wild World Heritage Coast from the sea.

Take a hike up the hill to the Carib Museum to see how we live(d) in La Pointe.
Carib, Brigand & Colonial history and legends come alive on a moderate hike
along this historic trail led by Joanne, an experienced & knowledgeable Carib guide
following 18th century sugar estate ruins along the L'Ivrogne River and
up the Old French Road to La Pointe Carib Museum
*GROS PITON HIKE USD 30/per person with official guide
*SEASIDE MASSAGE USD 100/per person/hour by special request
USD 50/per person/hour by special request
KAYAK RENTAL USD 20/single per hour - or - USD 30/tandem per hour
We look forward to sharing our corner of Paradise with you!