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Water taxis at Jalousie Plantation

"We stayed at Jalousie this week and rather than hire a car decided to tour Saint Lucia by water taxi. Paul on Tribute to the Lion was courteous and honest. We had the boat to ourselves, deciding where & when to go the whole afternoon. Paul took us off the beaten track - to his farm and beach at the foot of Gros Piton - just around the corner from Jalousie. This was, by far, the most memorable experience of our vacation AND well worth it!”


2 June 2010 Water Taxis

"We got friendly with some of the locals and they took us to the volcano springs, dolphin watching and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it - at a fraction of the cost of the hotel. Speak to Paul Clifford...! We went on this trip to speak with the locals and get a taste of what the culture was like, not stick to the hotel chauffeur driven cabs - and they had nothing but kind words and smiles for us each day."

Mrs. Lewis
London, UK
2 July 2010 Water Taxis

"Our favorite was Paul the Rasta (Tribute to the Lion) and a trip to his smallholding was an education. A fellow guest observed that one "unofficial approved" boat Ocean Angel... did not have a watertaxi number... and thought this dodgy as maybe not insured, etc... I think this should be checked by the hotel."

London, UK 

Paul's water taxi tour was the most memorable experience of our vacation.

"Jalousie resort is isolated but local water taxis are available for hire on the beach. There is no better way to experience the island than on the water with a well-informed captain. We were very fortunate to meet up with Paul on Tribute to the Lion. He took us to a private beach for a fish BBQ, freshwater springs and a local Carib crafts tour. An exceptional day - by ourselves - just around the corner from Jalousie. We consider this money well spent for a quality experience that we will talk about for a lifetime."

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 Trip Report - Stonefield, Diving and Congoman 

July 27, 2011
Ann Arbor, Michigan

A Day with Congoman:
Our best day, by far, was the day we spent with Paul Clifford on his secluded beach. Paul and Martin picked us up at 8:30 am at Malgretoute Beach (right below Stonefield near Benny’s) in his water taxi Tribute to the Lion. We had a lovely trip on the water, passing the pitons (breathtaking from the water) to a private beach on the south side of grand piton. It was stunning – coconut palms, a sandy beach, an adjacent rocky area reminiscent of the Seychelles. Waiting for us was a beautiful palapa, comfortable rattan lounge chairs, and a “bar” area. Perma-grin deepened. I was a luxury cast-away for the day. We toured the area and Paul’s organic farm (amazing), and hiked up to a waterfall and mineral spring, stopping on the way to watch charcoal being made. Paul pointed out native plants, stopping to pluck herbs for me to smell. We ended up in a pasture overlooking the sea, where we could see St. Vincent before returning to the beach. I wandered the shore, exploring, while Paul and Martin prepared lunch: herb black tuna grilled over the coal pots, rice cooked in coconut milk, and organic veggies and fruits from the garden served in coconut shells. The meal was the best I had on St. Lucia, hands down. Simon climbed the coco palms, machete in hand, dropping fresh coconuts for me that he quickly opened so I could drink the water, then he cleaned them so I could enjoy the “jel” (the fresh fruit). Standing there, coconut juice dripping down my chin, in the middle of a deserted beach, I proclaimed that I was “stupid happy”. Seriously, it does not get better than this. Well, possibly it can, as Paul made a wonderful concoction out of fresh starfruit juice, lime and rum, and served it to me with a wedge of fresh pineapple under the palapa. Simon roasted some fresh cashews over the fire for dessert. Heaven. After letting my food settle I wandered down the beach a bit to snorkel. A few local families had arrived in the fishing area and a little boy, spear in hand inquired “Wanna dive with me?” How could I refuse? My snorkel guide led me through some rock channels, and together we chased fish and found sea urchins. Best snorkel day on the island, due to the company, of course. I spent the remainder of the day sitting half in and half out of the water drink in hand, happy as a lark. Paul is a wonderful man and his laid back attitude and warm hospitality truly “made” our stay in St. Lucia. I have been all over the globe and cannot recommend a day trip with him and his “crew” on his lovely deserted beach enough. Paul, if you need a marketing manager, I’m available.

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Dinner (or lunch) on the beach

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Nov 18, 2011, 9:55 PM

Oh my goodness, can not say enough about Paul. This is a must do while in St. Lucia. He lives on his own private beach, grows his own organic foods, cooks for you, this is not a resturant but a one on one true experience you will never forget. We had a private chaufer, Vic, who brought us in the back way. You normally schedule your visit and are picked up by boat. Well I told the driver I must see Paul's beach, ( I had read about him on trip adviser) he drove us as far as he could then we walked through the jungle over rocks and through creeks, I had a blast, my husband was nervous, we finally made it and I shouted out Paul!!!!! He gave us a huge bear hug, showed us his beautiful beach, we ate star fruit fresh from the tree. It is a citrus fruit that is waxy on the outside and totally juicy like an orange. Can not find it in any store in Tennessee. We toured his gardens, walked on the beach, had the time of my life. This man is the real deal. A Island man, who lives off the land.

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 11, 2012
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"We stayed at la haut in soufriere. Had the view of ladera at a 3rd of the price. The pitons are absolutely amazing. We climbed the gros piton. Incredible. We spent the am climbing from the beach trail head there on the dryer side in the piton on a little secluded beach and the evening with Paul Ledford [Clifford] on his beach at the Zion lion farm. His organic garden is amazing and the beach BBQ he prepares is as well. We appreciated them more after climbing."

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